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3 Tips for presenting an effective sales pitch

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Sales Presentations That Make Sales

In this article, Paul Campbell from Presentation Experts outlines his 3 top tips for delivering a sales presentation that will win your audience over. With years of experience in the event industry, it’s safe to say he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to presenting.

We found out about this business while searching for powerpoint experts to design our new presentation for a cleaning business client of ours. After speaking with the team at Presentation Experts, we asked them to contribute to the Brown and Emery blog.

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Who am I?

My name is Paul Campbell, and I am the owner of a London based presentation design agency called Presentation Experts. As you’ve probably guessed, we specialise in designing high-level, persuasive, and professional looking presentations to many national and global clients. Presentations are our thing.

TIP 1: Stick the messaging

Starting from the beginning, our first tip to delivering a sales presentation is to nail the messaging. Before you stand infront of a potential client or room full of clients, you need to decide on the right messaging that the audience will be receptive to depending on both them and the product or service you’re selling.

If it’s a room full of senior executives then you want to keep it much more formal and closer to the numbers, without deviating, displaying the benefits that your product can bring to them and how. But on the flipside, if you’re stood in front of a room of potential final users at a trade show then you can likely tone down the formality and skip the jargon. Then proceed to sell your product through a storytelling situation or using more emotive language and messaging.

No matter who you sell to presenting your product or service with the right messaging is key to making the sale, whether that’s at the beginning of the sales cycle or at the end.

TIP 2: Script your presentation

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A lot of people might disagree with this point when giving general presentations as it can sometimes affect the way you deliver if you have it scripted. However when it comes to sales, scripting is important, why leave anything up to chance.

In order to come across as an expert when presenting you need to speak fluently and with confidence, even when a stray question gets thrown out to you by your audience. And having a pre-prepared script for both your presentation and common audience questions allows you to remove the ‘umms’ and ‘errrs’ from your presentation. Allowing your words to flow and displaying a level of confidence to the audience that proves to them that you’re an expert in your field.

Writing an effective script is a whole other topic which could take 1000+s of words to teach but starting with any script is generally better than none. Pairing a well prepared scripted presentation with exquisite product displays and even a powerpoint presentation is a sure-fire way of persuading your next sales audience that your product is the right one for them.

TIP 3: Use visuals wisely

As a presentation designer this point may be seen as biased, but bear in mind we have included 2 other more important tips above. In 3rd place we have to mention the most used tool in modern day sales pitches. The Powerpoint.

Whether it’s PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote, there’s no doubt that 99% of sales presentations these days are accompanied by some sort of visual. However among all of those thousands of presentations there’s usually a common theme that we see time and time again… they’re poorly designed.

Delivering an effective sales presentation depends heavily on what your audience sees, so if that is a dull, wordy, and inconsitent Powerpoint then there is a high chance that no matter how professional you sound; you’ll lose a level of credibility.

Visuals when designing properly to align with your brand and the products you’re selling, serve as an attractive reference point for the audience to look at when taking a break from you. They should feature less words and more graphics, pictures and sometimes animations.

Presentation graphics need to keep your audience engaged but at the same time, not distracted. To ensure that’s what happens it’s important to spend time and possibly money, if there’s a budget, on getting your presentation designed properly so that the next time you stand up to pitch your latest innovative product or outstanding service, your visuals do the job they’re supposed to.

End of article

If you’d like to see more tips and tricks when it comes to presenting, head over to the PresentationExperts blog on their website at the top of this page.

To see some of their latest sales pitch presentation design projects check out the video below: