About Brown & Emery

Brown & Emery takes its name from a previous law firm in the Watford area who we just so happen to have bought the website from a few years ago before they were closed down by an authority in the legal industry.

But that’s not what this site is about. We set up Brownandemery-watford.co.uk to provide people in Watford and surrounding areas like London¬†with a place to find up to date info and insightful articles about and from the businesses in their area.

It’s all too often that you’re looking for a new tradesman to do work on your house, or want a new design agency to help with your business branding but it can be tough to sift through all the options and find the right one. Which is why we invite owners of businesses who are the best in their industries to write on our site.

These aren’t sales pitches but instead are useful articles that are designed to give you an idea of what to look for and what to look out for when hiring a similar business to theirs.

Tradesmen in london

Who do we choose to write articles?

We don’t take bribes. Before you ask, we’re an honest blog site that doesn’t believe business owners should be able to pay to be at the top of their industry and we refuse to promote businesses who do not provide the #1 service in their industry.

However, we do utilise social media channels and review sites across the web to identify top businesses in Watford and London then reach out to them and offer them the opportunity to educate our readers.

We don’t currently accept applications as we prefer to hand pick our guest writers so the best way you can get featured is to start standing out in your industry and create a raving fan base!