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Digital Marketing and the future of your business 🔮

Marketing in the digital age for your business

Below is a feature from a Watford, Hertfordshire based digital entrepreneur who first reached our radar at a local networking event. Lorenzo is the owner of Brick Digital, a marketing agency focussed on online techniques that bring real revenue results for businesses.

In this article, he breaks down some of the fundamental digital marketing methods like SEO and PPC to highlight why going digital is really the future of your business. We thought this was exactly what we needed on the blog so we invited him to write for us.

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What’s classed as Digital Marketing?

From experience, I’ve come across hundreds of business owners who cringe every time the term digital marketing get’s mentioned, and not because they dislike it, but purely because they don’t have a clue what it is. So to save some time writing all about it I thought I’d include the video below from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.


Why you should be thinking about Digital Marketing

No matter how you look at it, digital is the way it’s all going. From online shopping to training courses and meeting new people. Digital applications are shaping every aspect of your customer’s lives.

So why do I repeatedly clash heads with business owners in and around London who despite being in the tech centre of the UK, are still not using digital marketing to its full potential?

Being online as a business is no longer an option but a necessity. Potential clients and customers use the internet not only to find businesses like yours but also to validate them. So if there is no trace of your business online then that’s a huge red flag to most modern day consumers, and certainly to other business clients.

But as I’ll explain further down this page, it’s not enough just to exist online. You have to compete.

Staying ahead with Digital Marketing

By this point, if you don’t at least have a website and some sort of business account on social media then you’re miles behind the curve and should get started right away. But for those of you reading this who have got some online presence for your business already then here are a couple of ways you can get ahead of your competition in the search engines right now.


A big scary acronym that gets thrown around way too much, and as a business owner your probably sick of getting cold calls from ‘SEO agencies’ who promise the world. So much so that you likely ignore every one.

For anyone I lost there, let me explain. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. Which in it’s rawest form is a process of optimising your website or other online accounts like YouTube to become more visible in the search engines when someone searches for a keyword related to your business.

As 95% of online experience start with a search engine why would you ignore the possibility of having your website at the top of the results when someone searches? You shouldn’t!

In the UK, SEO is a lesser known tactic in digital marketing and for that reason I can bet that the majority of your competitors aren’t investing in it right now. Which is exactly why I mention it first. It is the perfect way to stay ahead in the digital marketing sphere.

All sounds exciting right? Well, there is one downside. It’s not an overnight growth strategy, but does reap massive rewards in the long term.

Read below for a more effective ‘Overnight Growth Strategy’

SEO and internet marketing

Adwords and PPC

Another favourite of Cold Callers… PPC and Google Adwords. If you didn’t know already PPC is another marketing acronym for Pay-Per-Click which is when you use an online advertising platform that charges you for each click you receive on your ad. Simple right!

Google Adwords is the largest PPC platform around, and for a good reason. Because using Adwords you are able to target customers with your ads at the perfect moment to convert them… right when they’re searching for your services.

The reason I mentioned earlier that this was an overnight growth strategy is because with the right Adwords agency or management service you can have your website placed in front of prospective customers in the search results within an hour or two. Although unlike SEO, PPC is a widely used technique which means it is easier to stay ahead online unless you pick the right agency to handle your ads.

Properly set up and managed PPC campaigns will return excellent results in most industries, and in the rare case you that you find they don’t work, an honest PPC company should tell you to divert your efforts elsewhere before more money is spent.

The future of your business online

As I tell business owners time and time again; although you might have a great loyal customer base right now of middle-aged, males, who enjoy gardening. Your future customers in 10 years time are likely to be a whole lot different, in the way that they find your services, choose your services, and validate your business. All of which is likely to be done online.

Which is why it is so important to start now with digital marketing for your business so that in 10 years times your not trailing behind the competition in a crowded marketplace.

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