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What is Brown and Emery?

Brown and Emery is the site to find business news from Watford and beyond!

The aim of this site is to allow business professionals and entrepreneurs from the local area and other areas around London to share their expertise, tips, and tricks with their potential customers in a non-sales way on a neutral platform.

We don’t offer advertisements and don’t even accept Ad banners from anyone including the business owners who do post on our site. This is purely an information site that aims to give respectable businesses the right platform to become known, but only by sharing and giving value.

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Why Brown and Emery?

We’ll be honest, this name came about because it was the only good

Watford business

website address we could find with the word Watford in it, that sounded slightly business focussed. But Brown and Emery itself does hold some business history in Watford as a previous legal firm in the area, serving London clients and more… However, they did disappear mysteriously for ‘legal’ reasons so we try not to associate with the name too heavily.

What to expect…

As we mentioned above, it’s all about business at so that’s exactly what to expect. We want to bring you information and insights from the owners and operators of some of the best businesses in the area. All with the aim of helping you to make informed choices for the next time you’re looking for a kitchen, builder, design agency or carpet fitter etc.

What areas do you include?

Being Watford based we wanted to help the local people around us find out more info on the businesses in the area, but soon realised that really we all interact with so many businesses from other areas that this was too limited. Which is why we’ve now opened it out to include London.

With London being the home of British business it makes sense to include top performing businesses from our central neighbours so that you, the readers, can find out about more service providers and make informed decisions in the future.

So now you can find even more businesses giving free value on Brown and Emery no matter where they’re based.


How do I get featured?

We don’t accept outreach. We work to keep all of our information and posts unbiased, and to do this we refuse any requests to post on the site. All of the businesses and their owners on the site are there as a result of either providing a good service to the site owners or someone within our network. Effectively, we only feature posts from businesses who have been referred to us by their outstanding service.

So if you would like to have a post on the site about your business then we recommend you continue to offer a great service to your customers and build your online presence until you reach our radar!

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